Resource: “Your Veterinary Practice: Buying, Selling & Merging”

There are a lot of books and resources out there relating to buying or selling a veterinary practice, but I wanted to highlight one in particular which I have referenced many times (as evidenced by the wear and tear of the book).


‘Your Veterinary Practice: Buying, Selling & Merging” by Byron Farquer, DVM, CVA and Doyle Watson DVM is a great resource for thinking through all the intricacies of veterinary practice ownership. Whether you are looking to purchase a practice, start one from the ground up, or sell your practice there is a myriad of relevant information in this book.


The information provided can be somewhat broad, but I believe that is purposely done as no two practices, buyers, or sellers are the same. For sure, when considering buying, starting, or selling a practice working with a team of professionals to include attorneys, tax professionals, financial planners, and others are advised to ensure both parties are served well and enjoy a seamless transition.


When looking to become a practice owner or looking to exit your practice, I highly recommend this book as a starting point to address issues you may not have already considered.

** I do not receive any compensation or benefits from recommending this book or its’ purchase**



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