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Hey, I’m Andrew! I’m a fee-only financial planner who works primarily with veterinarians.

Why veterinarians? When my wife and I adopted our dog Payton, we were made aware of a surgery she needed which came at a significant cost.

Luckily, our local veterinarian (where we remain loyal to this day!) offered to perform the surgery at no cost.

We were impressed!

But a few months later I read the recent Merck study showing that over half of vets would not recommend the profession to their peers for 2 primary reasons: Lower incomes & high student debt.

That’s why it has become my mission to help veterinarians, like you, overcome these stressors and achieve financial confidence by providing financial education tailored to the veterinary community.

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Are you currently working relief or considering a career as a relief vet?

Download "The Relief Vet's Guide to Money" where you'll learn:

  • The different type of business and entity structures
  • Insurance coverages you may need when not covered by group benefits
  • Basic understanding of taxes as a relief vet
  • Strategies to plan for irregular cash flow
  • Retirement plan and savings options for the self-employed


  • Resources and articles to help you along the way

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Veterinary school teaches you a lot about how to succeed in your career but hardly anything about what to do with the money you earn as a result. If you’re interested in how to take better care of your finances so you can build a life and practice you love, we should talk!